Revenue Strategy Session Vol 1: Prebid - July 14 @ 1PM ET
Revenue Strategy Session: Vol 1 - Prebid
Join Us for Revenue Strategy Session: Vol 1 - Prebid
July 14, 2021 01:00 PM ET

With the upcoming death of the cookie, and other major digital advertising changes looming, it is time to check in on the state of Prebid, and understand its role in the changing media landscape.

What kinds of customizations are pubs using to keep fill rates high and reduce bottlenecks? How should Prebid evolve to meet the needs of Publishers in the future? And most importantly, what steps can pubs take now to better prepare for 2022 and beyond?

1:00 PM ETDigital Media Drilldown (20 mins)
Lynne d Johnson, Rob Beeler & Tameka Kee

1:20 PM ETQ&A (20 mins)
Tom Levesque, VP Product Management, OpenX
Emry Downinghall, VP, Advertising, Chegg

1:40 PM ETPublisher Roundtables (20 mins)
Tech & Operations with Lynne d Johnson: Page and ad speed and latency issues, malvertising, etc.
Revenue Strategy with Rob Beeler: New ad formats, privacy & identity solutions, etc.
Lynne d Johnson
Lynne d Johnson
Sr. Editor
Rob Beeler
Rob Beeler
Advisory Chair, AdMonsters
Founder, Beeler.Tech
Tameka Kee
Tameka Kee
Head of Content Strategy
Emry Downinghall
Emry Downinghall
VP, Advertising
Tom Levesque
Tom Levesque
VP Product Management
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